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John Padora grew up in the Octorara Area School district. He is currently a resident of Clay Township & has resided within the district for 8 years. John attended Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology & studied Computer-Aided Manufacturing. He also holds a Bachelor of Environmental Sciences with a concentration in Geospatial Technology from Southern New Hampshire University.


John has spent the last decade working in precision manufacturing , producing & designing intricate parts our society needs to function. He holds a great amount of pride at his current position where he helps design and produce parts that get installed on nuclear submarines and advanced aircraft that actively support global military operations and keep our nation safe.


John has been down some challenging paths in his life which have driven his desire to be a public servant. From a young age he watched his father struggle with debilitating Multiple-Sclerosis & shared the burden individuals with disabilities face trying to survive. He stumbled down the path of opioid addiction and almost lost his career, family, & life. John was able to emerge from this challenging period of his life with hope for himself & for others within our community suffering from addiction. John has the knowledge & ability to help communities  & individuals heal from the damaging effects of the opioid epidemic by striving to be a beacon of hope for second chances. John will shatter the destructive stigmas that surround addiction and recovery & prioritize the treatment of substance abuse as a public health crisis - not a criminal matter. 


John promises to be a strong voice for everyone within the 37th District. He will deliver a message that the status quo is no longer acceptable. He believes that career politicians are a threat to our way of life. Regardless of age , gender, race, or religion as a collective - we ALL have equal say within our democracy. John loves his community and the people that encompass it. He believes Lancaster County is a truly unique and diverse area that needs leadership which propels us forward , without sacrificing our values or morals. 

Leadership for the young generation facing economic burden from excessive student debt , an out of step housing market & rising cost of living. A voice for the older generation whom are struggling to retire after decades of hard work.

People from all walks of life will be able to turn to someone who will truly represent the will of the people in Harrisburg while, striving to make Pennsylvania more fair & prosperous for us all.


John is the husband of Amber Padora & they have 2 children Koi, & Calla. His family is his strongest support system and the reason for his vested interest to help craft a future that prioritizes the general welfare of all Pennsylvanians in a way more reflective to our founding values & principles. He holds family values above all else & identifies as a Christian. John enjoys fishing, hiking, skiing, music, and simply spending time with his family. 

Why I Chose to Run For Office? :

-I believe career politicians that run unopposed are a threat to our democracy.


- To unify & mobilize young voters to help change our future.

- To help shatter the destructive stigmas associated with addiction & recovery

- To be a voice of outreach, help and support to my community & encouragement for all Pennsylvanians

-To fight for a better future for our children to inherit


- Tired of broken promises and empty lies from our political establishment 


- Climate change is affecting our future and needs urgent attention


-To help bring sweeping reform to an outdated , and often unjust judicial system


- To challenge the culture of corruption & greed in Harrisburg


- To restore accountability & improve relations between citizens and their government


-To become a strong representative for working class families & less fortunate within Pennsylvania - not special interests


- To challenge corporate dominance which impedes upon our constitutional right to clean air & clean water


- To ensure that everyone is provided equal opportunity & treatment regardless of race, religion, gender, age or sexual orientation 

- To help bring progress, fresh ideas & economic prosperity to Pennsylvania as we modernize & reaffirm our place in the 21st century


"In response to growing frustration with local representatives being out of touch with the public- I am more motivated than ever. I will fight constantly to propel us forward into a successful future. I will continually strive to be a unifying voice in Harrisburg rather than a divisive factor. I will work in a bi-partisan fashion with Republicans & Democrats on both sides of the spectrum to produce real solutions to our commonwealth's challenges. I ask the Republican , Democrat and independent voters to please unify behind me as citizens striving for progress. I am reaching out strongly to Republicans & asking you to meet with me & discuss why i can better represent us all."


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