John Padora

for PA State Representative,

37th District

John is committed to propelling Pennsylvania and the 37th district forward into a successful future by striving to be a unifying voice in Harrisburg rather than a divisive factor. He will work with Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike to produce real solutions to our commonwealth's challenges. 


John wants to challenge the culture of greed and corruption in Harrisburg.

Like so many citizens of Lancaster County, John is tired of broken promises and empty lies from career politicians. His goal is to restore accountability and improve relations between citizens and their government. John will serve the 37th District as a strong representative for working class families and the less fortunate – not special interests.

John wants to build an economy that works for everyone- young and old.

John will provide leadership for the younger generation facing economic burden from excessive student debt and rising cost of living. He will be a voice for the older generation struggling to retire after decades of hard work. John believes that fresh ideas are key to prosperity as Pennsylvania modernizes and reaffirms its place in the 21st century economy.

John will take on the stigma surrounding addiction and recovery.

John knows firsthand the power of second chances. He will work to make sure that families touched by opioid addiction have the resources they need to overcome the challenges they face.

John believes that our judicial system is in need of reform.

John will work to bring sweeping change to an outdated, and often unjust, system.

John will prioritize issues affecting the environment.

John feels strongly that climate change needs immediate attention. In order to secure a better future for our children to inherit, John will challenge the corporate interests impeding our constitutional right to clean air and water.

John will be a leader who truly cares about ALL constituents.

Regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, or religion, John thinks that all people deserve equal treatment and opportunity. He believes Lancaster County is a truly unique and diverse area that needs leadership to propel us forward without sacrificing our values or morals. John strives to be a leader that people from all walks of life in Lancaster County can turn to and feel truly represented in Harrisburg.


Virtual Town Hall: Legislative priorites in response to COVID-19. Event will be streamed via Facebook Live.

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  • The Working families party

  • Run For Something

  • Let America Vote - End Citizens United


  • Senator Bernie Sanders 

  • Lancaster County Democratic Committee

  • PSEA/PACE- PA State Education Association

  • IBEW Local Union 743

  • Lancaster County Libertarian Party

  • AFSCME - District Council 89

  • United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1776

  • PA/Lancaster Stands up

  • One Fair Wage Action

  • Lancaster County Young Democrats

  • Sunrise Movement - Lancaster

  • Our revolution - Pennsylvania

  • Guy K. Bard Democratic Club

  • Ruth Mackley Democratic Club

  • Greater Elizabethtown Democratic Club

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